About the Research

Before the development of the website, Etavele did not have an online platform and they also did not have custom email addresses for business communication. Etavele wanted a website platform to help them tell their brand story, display their services, showcase portfolio projects and provide more information to customers online about their business. They also needed custom emails for all their team members so they could control their business communications. We developed a website for Etavele to act as their online sales representative 24/7/365. We also created custom email addresses for all the team members and they are able to communicate all their business affairs using their secure custom email addresses. Telling their brand story, displaying their services, showcasing portfolio projects and providing more information to customers online are now easily achieved through their website.

Project Details

  • Date: 21 January, 2021
  • Client: Etavele Solutions Zambia
  • Category:
  • Address: Plot No 4, Yotam Muleya Road, Woodlands, Prospect Hill, Lusaka, Zambia


Etavele is a youth Zambia-based organisation that has mastered the complex art of design and marketing. At Etavele we pride ourselves on fresh ideas in a vast range of sectors, from web and mobile application design to content creation. We provide an integrated service that enhances your brand and therefore your bottom line. Our products and services are modern, robust and comprehensive, ensuring that we are extremely effective.

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