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Switch From Paper Menu to Digital Menu

Allow clients to order food and drinks when they are in your location from the restaurant table or hotel room by simply scanning your QR Code. When the guest scans the QR Code and places an order, the system already knows where the order is coming from e.g. table number or room number.

This solution is ideal for Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes etc.

If you have not yet adopted QR code menus, there are many reasons you might want to consider going digital. QR code menus can result in many efficiency, cost-saving and revenue-generating benefits for your business.

Why QR Code Menu

Benefits of QR Code Restaurant Menu


Increase Cost-efficiency & Reduce Environmental Effects

While paper-based menus are still being used widely, they’re not sustainable from a cost perspective or for the environment. QR code menus provide a viable alternative. Using QR code menus can provide significant savings over printing paper-based menus and this can drastically reduce costs.

Improve Customer & Staff Safety

Printed paper-based menus pass through dozens of hands daily without being sanitized. With an increased interest in health and sanitation, many customers, as well as staff members, feel safer not handling paper menus.

Improve the Customer Experience

A common guest complaint is that the wait time to order is too long. With QR code menus integrated with ordering capabilities, guests can order as soon as they’re seated and the kitchen staff can easily receive the new order notifications. Apps that also accept payments can be integrated too which creates even greater convenience for your customers.

Streamline Operations

Use QR code menus to improve operations as well as the customer experience. QR code menus allow you to change menus and/or menu sections at different day parts and on different days, so that your guests can easily access your breakfast, lunch, happy hour, or other promotional offers.

Turn Tables Faster

More efficient service results in faster table turn times. QR code menus that include both an ordering system and bill payment capabilities reduces the idle time guests spend at the table waiting to order and waiting for the server to present the bill and then process the payment.

Easily Update Your Menu

QR code menus enable you to easily adjust pricing, change menu items, or add and remove dishes across multiple locations.

Create Last-minute Specials to Move Perishable Products

The ease of making changes to a QR code menu allows you to reduce food waste by adding specials to quickly sell inventory that’s approaching its expiration date.

Improve Ordering Accuracy

QR code menus can reduce wasted food because it minimizes ordering miscommunication and errors.

Obtain Detailed Analytics

Understand your customers’ ordering habits, including how and when they interact with your business, and which menu items are their favorites. Track-able data from your QR code menu includes the customer’s location, time scanned, and operating device, enabling you to combine your menu promotion with other marketing efforts.

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